Our product prodives a tough, slip-proof surface perfect for pedestrian and traffic applications.

       In addition to substrates, it also protects the structural elements and occupied spaces below. Concrete and wood surfaces are protected from deterioration due to weather and chemicals and from corrosive effects of salt.

       Our product has proven durable under heavy pedestrian and vehicle traffic. It has demonstrated resistance to a variety of chemicals ranging from petroleum products to alkali. In addition to it's toughness, our product is aesthetically pleasing, offering a wide selection of colors.

       The lives of vehicle decks and ramps have been extended, thanks to the coating's flexible membrane, which resists the effects of water, ice and chemicals released from melting ice.

       Our coatings are flexible enough to stand up to the most extreme temperature variations and provide thermal stress resistance over both concrete and metal substrates. These elastomeric membranes stretch to bridge hairline cracks, preventing seepage and subsequent structural damage. Maintenance requirements are reduced by it's ability to resist impacts and abrasions. As a result, our coatings provide an increased service life that will reduce costs.

       Outstanding results have been achieved in pedestrian walkways and balconies where our product reduce deterioration, keeping occupied spaces below dry. You can always count on us to supply:

  • Quality materials to meet the specifications of your roofing/decking or waterproofing projects.
  • A complete, proven system utilizing the right combination of materials to meet the specifications of your job.
  • Quality installation by qualified applicators.