Our product's tough, flexible membrane readily compensates for the cracking or movement of any substrate, whether it's metal, steel, concrete or dirt. It's UV and chemical resistant, which makes it ideal for both primary and secondary containment applications in the oil, chemical, mining, fuel, pulp and paper sectors.

       In primary containment applications - such as sewage treatment tanks, chemical or fuel storage tanks, spraying the inside of fuel storage tanks (on the bottom) to protect from water corrosion, fly-ash ponds, canals, mud ponds or tanks - our product has proven far more versatile than the usual means of containment (e.g. "Arctic 30" liners, etc.) Because the 100% seamless membrane protects these facilities from the forces that lead to leakage, it also protects the environment.

       Tank farm dikes, petroleum tanks, containment dikes, fuel and drum storage, under pump sumps for gas stations and trenches are just a few examples of secondary containment applications where our product proves it's worth. Being UV resistant, it is perfect in exposed locations. And because it eliminates the need for expensive covering materials, it's economical as well.

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